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About David Kidd

"I trained in Europe and earned a BFA degree in Graphic Design from Edinburgh College of Art, School of Design. I began my career with educational publishers in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Then I moved to Oxford to do book production and magazine illustration.

"In the San Francisco Bay area I produced books and catalogs on the computer. I also illustrated in pen and ink and digitally. "My clients include the largest publishers in the world.

"In Portland, Oregon, the Goldenaer publlshing company was established to publish print books and E-books collaberating with authors and researchers in England.

I strive to maintain clear communication of the concepts and to always deliver a creative solution within the resources.

"I have detailed knowledge of all facets of graphic arts and am welcoming work now in all fields of my experience."

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Offices in London England
and Portland Oregon


PO Box 14644, Portland,
Oregon 97293 USA
971 777 4510