Illustrated books


Illustrating books is a specialist skill. What is necessary for success is a consistency of style through the book. Also the line weights must be harmonious with the printed typeface. Goldenaer are the specialists in all of this.

one of ten diagrams Bath Archaeological Trust
ISBN 0-9506-180-12

one of seventy-seven diagrams for
Landscape Trees and Shrubs
University of California Department of Agriculture
ISBN 9-781879-906181

One of fifty-eight diagrams for
Integrated Management for Strawberries

University of California Department of Agriculture

ISBN 13-978-16017-489-8

Ortho Books

One of ten full-color diagrams for
All About Furniture Repair and Refinishing
ISBN 0-89721-086-7


  Humor in Education

Cartoons and comic illustrations are effective in education. These advise stopping smoking and changing diet. Twelve illustrations for Understanding High Blood Pessure, a Guide for Patients for ICI Pharma by The Medicine Group.


The University of California teaches Spanish-speaking farm-workers about the safe use of pesticides with Kidd's special version of the traditional game "La Loteria", similar to bingo.

Our fifty-four fun illustrations on the cards and game boards help players gain knowledge as they learn basic chemical-safety rules.

The rough style of coloring deliberately imitates the traditional game.