David Kidd Artist

The essential nature of mass and form

"Exploration of form led me to increasing abstraction as I experimented with depicting mass. I found doing sculpture of the greatest benefit to leaning to draw and paint in the round. This contrasts solid elements with space, not only around them but through the intervals between their parts." 

Gestural sweeping brushstrokes 

"Expressive gestures by sweeping brushstrokes communicate the essential nature of form. Non-verbal communication is closer to existence itself. My artworks are a direct expression of the sensations of the comprehending mind, an abstraction from visually observed nature. My paintings convey my intense searching for understanding of being." Gestural painting emphasizing the sweep of the painter's arm, expresses the artist's emotions and personality just like a person's gestures reflect their feelings in everyday life. 

Both harmonious and contrasting

"Contrasting modes of expression, like lines angular or smooth, firmly or loosely jointed, strike resonances of expression that are both harmonious and contrasting.  The imperfections of marks left by rough brushes are part of the finished work, emphasizing the physical act of painting itself, drawing attention to the process of creating.

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