About David Kidd, BFA

He has a detailed knowledge of both fine arts and graphic arts: "I trained in Europe and earned a BFA degree from the Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland. I was also honoured with the college prize for drawing. I enjoyed sculpture however I majored in graphics so as not to be a starving artist. After moved to America I also studied rapid painting in watercolors. Now retired I'm as free as a bird so am making unique assemblages representing mental models, see my Art Gallery

Fine arts with clear communication of concepts

"In all media I aim to produce works with clear communication of concepts in a cheerful style that makes you feel better just to look at them. See here my porfolio of fine art items for sale. 

Goldenaer graphic arts

"In Portland, Oregon, I also publish print-books and e-books by my company Goldenaer.com. I have 30 year experience in publishing: I began my career in book production and illustration with educational publishers in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Oxford, England. I then moved to USA, and in the San Francisco Bay area and worked for the many educational publisher there. My clients included the largest publishers in the world. Click here to see my publishing resume"