Did some of your ancestors live near ours in Exley Head? What was it like living in that village in our grandparents' days?  Exley Head, a village through time is a new ebook that focusses on the  working people from earliest reords up until 1952. If you want to see exactly which house they lived we have old photos. Get the feel of what poverty was like a hundred years ago and understand their attitudes to it. Some informative anecdotes explain the old fashioned way of doing textiles, dairy farming and leather tanning. Understand the curious geology; hear the meanings of the odd place-names. Hear some of the songs our villagers sang to keep their spririts up. Years of study by historians, begun by the late Dr Fred Kidd, have culminated in this book, coming out next month, in both epub and  mobi formats to suit any make of reader, tablet or computer.
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